Sweet Words

Your sweet words triggering the chain reaction

That led me to this place

Of bliss full happiness

I can’t comprehend

When my heart’s racing a mile a minute

From the touch of your hand

Causing the butterflies in my stomach to dance

A terrifying and exhilarating feeling

It takes over me with each kiss you send my way

Teasing me with glimpses of happy days

Oh how I hope this never ends

Frozen in time my days I want to spend

So that your sweet words may never dwindle

My heart to you I will give in return 



I am too precious

These pieces of mine are much too precious

They are highly valued and deeply coveted

Those beautiful pieces of mine

Long and far they search for them

Travelers from all time

Looking and hoping to find

A beautiful piece like mine

But I treasure these pieces

Those lovely one-of-kind pieces

The ones found at the bottom of my soul

I keep them locked away there

Deep in there

Locked away for none to see

Will you take them from me?

My precious pieces

The ones you look for

The kind you yearn for

I have many

Large and small ones

Round and flat ones

For you to take

Then again, I will keep my pieces

They are much too coveted

And highly wanted

So for now they will remain with me

But what am I if not these pieces?

These broken pieces

My heart in pieces

It’s whats left of me



It takes pain for me to write the words that make you read

It takes agony from within to string the syllables that bid my whim

I takes sorrow and despair to move the pen across the page

To create the illusion of happiness

It takes pain



To me you are like a book

A good book

I just can’t put you down

I sit in anticipation waiting for the next chapter

Reading you till the early dawn

Each adventure more exciting than the last

Keeping me at the edge of my seat

I long to flip through your pages until

My thirst for you is sated

Instead I savor every syllable written

Wishing your story to last

My tears you have caught between your binding

The ones I have not yet cried

A never ending book I want you to be

So that I may never have to read your words

Good Bye



Minor things we are

Why do we seem to be just minor things?

A sore to society but not enough to need a cure

Minor things they say

Born into this race its a minor thing

Living with out expectations a little thing

When dysfunctional becomes normal

It’s but a minor thing

The quote is mine but the drawing is someone elses

The quote is mine but the drawing is someone elses


Never Settle

If my heart isn’t broken why do you want to fix it?

If my tears aren’t of pain why do you insist on wiping them away?

If I have fought my battles and won the war why should I surrender?

If my world doesn’t revolve around you, why are you standing on center stage?

Why should I settle for being your Princess when I am already a Queen?

I didn’t lose my glass slipper I left it for a better pair.

I don’t need your pity, your lies or your pain, I’ve played that game once before and I won’t be playing again.

I won’t drown in my sorrows if I already know how to swim.

So don’t worry about me, I’ve already come a long way.

This race is far from over and I won’t settle for second place.¬†

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